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Working with The Right Bank or Multiple Merchant Banks

It is a fact that most banks will turn down merchant account applications from high risk merchants. They are fearful of businesses classified such those involved in online pharmacies, online websites, internet travel agencies, internet dating, credit repair, smoke shops, herbal and vitamins, timeshares, collection agencies, glass shops, high volume, high tickets, etc. Most Banks see them as financial risks that they are not ready to handle. This is the reason why companies like ProcessUSA offer credit card processors to provide opportunities to those who are turned down by traditional banks.

Merchants and businesses are classified and flagged as high risk because they have the great potential of falling victim to fraud and chargeback possibilities. This alone is reason enough for banks to turn down merchant applications. The following are some of the advantages provided by having a high risk merchant account:

  • Access to a worldwide market
  • High Risk Credit Card Processing services
  • Cost Effective Ecommerce Solutions
  • Credit Card Scam and Fraud Protection
  • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex
  • Online Reporting Facility
  • All Major Credit Card Acceptance
  • High Volume Merchant Account Facility
  • Multiple MIDs and Load Balancing Options
  • Recurring Billing Options for merchants
  • Reliable Payment Gateway for secure transactions
  • Multi Currency Option for high risk companies worldwide
  • Various Payment Options including ELV, ACH, Bank Wire, Direct Debit

Friendly Towards Your Industries

If your business is involved in a risky industry, has a large volume turnover or is at great risk with fraud, odds are, you will not be approved for a merchant account. In cases like these, you will have to rely on companies that offer alternatives. Process USA has credit card processors that are willing to extend their services to high risk merchants and businesses.

Categories of Business Types We Approve:

Because these businesses mostly deal online, they have a special set of requirements, including accepting payments. This is the reason why businesses implement a comprehensive search to ensure that they find the right service provider.

When selecting a high a risk merchant account provider, small and big factors can affect the way you run your business. Look for a provider that charges reasonable fees. They should also set up the account fast and quick so you can use it immediately. Another thing you should look for is how established they are in business of providing merchant accounts. With ProcessUSA, we have been in the industry for a long time. This should be a guarantee in itself that your account is protected against fraud.

What To Expect when Applying

For merchants who run a high risk business, expect to be declined by banks offering merchant accounts. Because of the nature of business under the 'high risk' category, banks are aware of the many cases of fraud associated with such accounts. What these banks cannot offer you, we provide here at ProcessUSA.

With our merchant credit card processors, you don't have to worry about high fees from every transaction. Banks are known to suddenly grab an arbitrary amount of funds just to ease the bank's risky position. You will be capped on the amount of credit card transactions you accept. We have No Capped options so you are free to process as much as your business can grow. We also have "No Reserve" options for many business types.

High risk merchants are also expected to have a history of transaction in order to make their business less risky as time goes by. The merchant may negotiate an end of daily reserve requirements or a partial release of money already held against possible charge backs. This is the classic reward for a high-risk merchant who has worked at and succeeded at keeping the risky nature of their business in check. Basically, the high risk merchant account no longer seems risky.

Avoiding Termination / Cancellation / Being Denied or Closed

Once you have secured a merchant account for your high risk business, the next thing you will have to concern yourself with is to avoid being terminated. Being termination can mean an immediate loss of the merchant account and a freeze on all funds. There are some of the violations you should be wary of if you want to retain your credit card processors. Losing your high risk merchant account can do a very big damage on your business.

One way that can lead to termination is accepting a credit card purchase that is well over your average ticket. If the merchant account provider received a bill that is thousands of dollars over what you normally receive, this will sound alarm bells in their minds. There are instances where a merchant accepted a credit card purchase amounting to thousands and thousands of dollars when all he is selling are cleaning chemicals. Turns out, the merchant is really cars online. This situation is actually a double whammy because he is selling a product that is outside their normal business activity. This shows dishonesty on the part of the merchant and is clearly a violation of the agreement with the merchant account provider.

Highest Acceptance and Approval Rates

Credit card processing is available to new high risk merchant businesses, and established merchants already accepting credit cards - seeking better rates. Process USA is committed to helping you get the LOWEST credit card processing rate available. We have helped thousands of businesses setup and switch to cost effective processing services for accepting credit cards and electronic payments.

Benefits for Accepting Payments

Credit cards and debit cards have become the most common forms of payment. Accepting credit cards with the right merchant account is essential to business success. Benefit from our Best Rate Solutions for merchant accounts and credit card processing services.

Accepting credit cards doesn't have to be expensive! Don't over pay on your merchant account. Process USA can help your business setup lower cost credit card processing services in less than 24 hours. Businesses in need of a high risk company merchant solution are welcome to apply!

Whether you are accepting credit cards in a retail setting, remote location, online, or over the phone, Process USA can help you get the best rate processing. We have low rate options for every business interested in setting up a merchant account or switching for lower credit card processing fees.