Wireless Credit Card Processing

At ProcessUSA we can help your business process credit card or debit card transactions anytime, anywhere with wireless credit card processing.

What is Wireless Credit Card Processing?

Advances in mobile technology has led to the development and proliferation of wireless credit card processing. Instead of sending transaction data via a phone line, mobile credit card terminals rely on wireless networks to transmit information. All transaction data is encrypted to prevent hackers from accessing sensitive information. It is the perfect credit card processing solution for retail businesses that need to operate on the go.

What are the Benefits of Wireless Credit Card Processing?

With wireless merchant account services, businesses can increase sales, improve efficiency, and reduce operating expenses. Some other benefits of wireless credit card processing include:

  • More freedom and flexibility when conducting payment transactions.
  • Most mobile devices are extremely portable. Some will even fit in your pocket.
  • All transaction information is encrypted and secure.
  • If the network goes down, transaction information can be stored on the device and uploaded later. Many devices can also assume a dial-up connection.
  • Being able to physically swipe a customer's card reduces the risk of fraud and will generate fewer processing fees.

There are a variety of wireless credit card processing solutions currently on the market ranging from full-featured wireless terminals to cell-phone based credit card readers. Let us help you to decide which wireless processing solution is best for your business.

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