Merchant Account for Trial and Continuity Billing

We are all inhabitants of a digital age. Digitalization is engulfing the world at a very fast pace. At such a time, the corporate world has also amalgamated digitalization into its market offering. In a sea full of businesses, to stand out, firms are now giving their customers the option to pay online. This not only adds to customer satisfaction but also leads to an increase in the demand for the company's product or service.

Thereby, the demand for health and beauty products trial and continuity merchant accounts have increased in the past couple of years. However, if your business falls under this category, you will know about the difficulties of finding a secure merchant account.

Since heath and beauty products trial and continuity is marked by heavy chargebacks amongst clients, it is dubbed to be a high-risk business by credit card processors. This makes it difficult for such companies to open a merchant account via the standard methods.

We are here to provide you with a solution. Our company allows high-risk businesses to open a merchant account. We will make sure that you can accept credit cards online or via phone or mail.

Online Merchant Accounts MOTO Billing Options

To facilitate the transfer of money and to ease the payment process for your subscribers, our company provides all kinds of health, beauty trial and continuity firms with online merchant accounts. Such businesses may include collection agencies, nutraceuticals, and dating websites.

Such a payment process enhances effectiveness and efficiency in receiving cash and allows for smooth inflow and outflow of money.

If you are one of the many businesses that conduct their operations online, our company will provide you with safe virtual terminals. Our virtual terminals allow credit card processing from various channels including MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.

Our payment gateway setup is designed in a simple way, making the installation process as easy as possible. Our company allows your clients to pay via electronic checks and credit cards from deposit firms. Such a measure will prove to be convenient for your customers and aid in customer retention.

Furthermore, to target the market segment marked by tech-savvy individuals, our company provides apps on both iPhone and Android phones. This allows customers to pay via their mobiles.

All in all, with the help of our online merchant service, your customers will be provided with multiple options for making their payment. This will enhance customer satisfaction.

Denied service from other credit card processors?

Trial and continuity billing are considered to be a high-risk business due to the high probability of chargebacks. Therefore, it is extremely likely that credit card processors may deny your request for opening a merchant account. Such credit card processors may include PayPal, Stripe, and First Data.

If you are facing such an issue, you don't need to worry. We provide merchant accounts for high-risk businesses. By partaking in partnership with various underwriting banks, we provide you with a secure terminal to carry out your transactions.

By opening a merchant account with us, not only will you avoid paying application and setup fees, but you will also save energy which you previously spent in trying to find a credit card processor. Our rates for conducting the transaction may vary depending on the risk involved. Factors like risk and history of bad credit will be analyzed when setting up a rate.

Merchant accounts for startups

The corporate world has significantly expanded over the years. As e-commerce gained popularity, more and more newly established companies are trying to test the water. The increase in the number of startups has also led to an increase in the need for merchant accounts. This is because in order to stand out, startups want to provide value-added services to their customers.

However, startups are also considered high risk. This is because they don't have a history and therefore, credit card processors feel that they are a gamble.

If you are a startup business under the trial and continuity umbrella, you can imagine the difficulties you will face in finding a credit card processor.

With the help of our company, not only can you open a merchant account, but you can do so at an affordable rate. Compared to other high-risk merchant accounts, we vow to provide our clients with a very affordable offer.

If you are a newly established business that wants to open a merchant account, our company will aid you. You will be able to provide your customers with a convenient mode of payment while investing a lower amount. This is because neither do we charge any application or setup fees nor do we have a rolling reserve requirement.

Domestic and offshore options

Since trial and continuity billing businesses carry a high risk, companies indulged in this field are likely to require offshore accounts. This is because offshore accounts have relaxed standards compared to domestic accounts.

Domestic merchant accounts are more secure and available at a lower price. Offshore accounts, on the other hand, are more prone to frauds and require higher rates. However, for trial and continuity billing businesses, opening an offshore account may be a necessity. This is because if your market comprises of international customers, you will need an offshore account to make transactions around the world.

By partnering with banks overseas, we provide our clients with reliable offshore accounts at a reasonable rate.

Applying, Getting Approved and Setup

Today, merchant accounts are a value-added service which will help businesses with trial and continuity billing build profitable relations with their customers.

Slowly, the world is undergoing a digital transformation. Sooner or later, opening a merchant account will become a necessity. By opening the account today, you will stand out amongst a sea full of corporations.

Let us help you in facilitating your customers. Open a merchant account with our company and while we deal with the hassle of credit card processing and transaction, you can focus on providing quality service. Make the right decision today and build a network of customers by catering to their need for convenience.

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