Telephone MOTO Compounding Pharmacy Merchant Services

Fret no more about finding the ideal credit card processor for your pharmaceutical business. We offer one of the best services when it comes to creating a gateway to your bank, which allows you to make the procedure of accepting payments easier. The primary purpose of establishing a merchant account with us for your Compounding or Mail order Pharmacy business is that it allows you to be in direct contact with your bank, making the whole process simpler.

A merchant account for mail order pharmacy allows your consumers to subscribe for their prescriptions from their home, which they will receive every month at their home, eliminating the hassle of standing in lines or waiting for someone to help fulfill orders.

Online merchants to increase your reachability

Traditionally, retailers have kept card terminals at their retail outlets which allowed them to swipe a credit card that their customers desired to use. Though the use of credits cards this way is still in high demand, especially because it is considered to be low risk, a lot of merchants are now starting to go online. The reason for that is the popularity of the internet and online shopping that has increased over the past few years. Customers now find it easier to shop and make their payments online rather than physically go to a store to purchase their prescriptions.

Taking advantage of this factor will be perfect for your business as it will give you more exposure, and your business will seem more attractive to your potential customers. We understand this fact and also believe in helping you realize that online payments are considered to be high risk for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your business will need a mail order pharmacy account and secondly, some of the pharmaceutical products can be banned or considered dangerous at any time.

Many banks will hesitate and prefer not to create mail order pharmacy accounts due to the high risk associated with it. This is where we step in and help your business out with setting up credit card payment options, which will allow it to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex cards. Your business will be up and running in no time.

A Processor Solution to Termination Denied Closed

Getting a merchant account for mail order pharmacies from a bank is not easy. What's worse is that even though you may have managed to get an account for your business, the banks can and will eventually terminate the account if they feel like it, causing a hindrance to your business.

If you choose our services to get a merchant account, you will not have to bear the hassle of going to other banks to get them to sign you up for one. Your business can save itself a whole lot of time and stress while opening up a new account, and the best part is that your business will not need to wait for days. The process is rapid, and your new merchant account will be ready soon.

We cater to everyone

Did you know that you could benefit quite a lot from expanding your business and catering to corporate and other firms that require mail order pharmacy? If you are a new business or one that is looking for different avenues to make your business more successful, we have the best solutions for you.

We have various merchant account types available that your startup can use for your pharmacy, and we cater to every type of business including wholesalers, other B2B companies, retailers, and online sellers; you name it, and we have an ideal merchant account for your business which will make your life easier.

Other vendors

If you are looking to widen your business's target market and explore new possibilities, we have the perfect answer for you. Many vendors such as wholesalers and B2B businesses require level 2 and 3 of credit cards due to the small fees they have been offered by credit card companies. With our online systems, your business can easily accept their payments and continue with your business proceedings.

Virtual terminal

We understand that the first thing that comes to a customer's mind when making an online payment is the security of the transaction being made. Our services are built to keep the information of each and every customer extremely confidential through our secure gateway setup. Our systems ensure that all the information added by the client is kept under lock and key at all times.

While making sure that the entire procedure of making an online payment is friendly and easy to handle by fixing any bugs at once, we also have the ability to integrate your services into the website and shopping carts of other online retailers.

We also have iPhone and Android apps available that allow us to make the payments process for the user quicker. All you have to do is download the app, and your business is ready to go. Payment option via laptops is also available with us.

Taking care of new businesses

Being a new entrant in the pharmacy business is difficult as you are considered to be a high-risk customer due to which some firms might offer you high processing fees for your enterprise. However, with us, your company will not be facing that issue as we provide no setup fees and application fees so that you can fully benefit from our services. We believe in your business from day one and will stand by its side till you want us.

Domestic and offshore options

Your business will witness some reluctance from local merchants when trying to strike a deal for a mail order pharmacy account as the business is considered to be at high risk. They can also terminate or shut off your business account at any moment. Offshore accounts are the exact opposite of that; they have fewer rules and allow your business to carry on with its operations. Therefore, we offer some of the best solutions for setting up your business's offshore account, and you don't need to worry about high volumes or other such issues.

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