Merchant for SEO Services and Internet Marketing Companies

If you are running an SEO business or an internet marketing company, you'll need a proper credit card processing service at a reasonable rate. It is necessary to have a secure and comfortable method of receiving payments from your customers and having an option on the website for making credit card payments. SEO businesses and internet marketing companies have faced massive chargebacks, and this is the reason they are rejected by banks and most credit card processors. We specialize in providing merchant accounts to such high-risk businesses which are denied by other credit card processors and service providers.

We will solve all of your payment issues and make the system of sending and receiving payments easier for you. We'll enable you to accept payments from all major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover.

Online Telphone MOTO Merchant Services

SEO services and internet marketing companies perform all of their operations online, and payments are also received through the web. These days, the internet has become the most important medium for marketing and making sales. We understand the nature of your business and we know that SEO and marketing service is all about reaching the target audience and turning them into successful customers. We will make your business operations easier and make your online presence grow at a fast pace. With us, you'll be able to easily carry on your day-to-day activities such as marketing, SEO services, counseling and much more. For the services you'll deliver to your customers, you'll quickly receive your credit and debit payment through a merchant account.

Are Internet Marketing SEO Service Companies High Risk?

There are many reasons that an SEO and internet marketing business is seen as risky. However, there are two main reasons that the card processing companies and banks consider them as high-risk ones. The first reason is the high chargebacks and the second reason is fraud.

When a bank or credit card processing company provides a merchant account to a business, it agrees to some definite terms. According to these terms and conditions, the banks are agreeing to provide the loan to the firm for a period of time while the payment is accepted through Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex. If the SEO business or internet marketing company faces some fraud or doesn't get the desired amount by not performing the services, it is liable to the bank for this non-payment. Furthermore, most SEO businesses are not well experienced to deal with frauds and since most of their payments are online, there is more chance of non-payment. Most of the payment discussions are just on the phone and there is no paperwork involved, so this type of business is very risky.

The other reason is the chargebacks that the SEO and internet marketing businesses face. Such companies receive payments a long time before they have to render their services. This long duration makes the customer doubtful and complaints start coming in. As a result, banks and credit card processors face more chargeback liability with a high-risk business as compared to a low-risk business like e-commerce or retail.

Rejected by most merchant account providers?

Many banks and credit card processing companies deny a merchant account to internet marketing companies and SEO service providers. This is because the banks and credit card processing companies have a system of underwriting policies which help them decide whether a business is high risk or low risk. If a business is high risk, it is rejected and if it is low risk, it is accepted. This way the banks and merchant account providers evaluate the high-risk vs. low-risk situation.

There are many reasons a business is regarded as a high-risk one. One of the reasons is the frequency of chargebacks. If a certain type of business has faced a lot of chargebacks in the past, it is considered risky by banks and merchant account providers.

If you have been denied by a bank or credit card processing company, worry not because we are ready to assist you even if you have been rejected. We understand that it is impossible to run an online business without a merchant account and for this purpose, we provide merchant accounts to the companies which have been rejected by others.

Domestic and offshore options

Merchant accounts are available in two types: domestic and offshore. Before getting a merchant account, you need to consider whether you want to go for a domestic option or a foreign one. Domestic accounts are much more secure and the rates are reasonable as compared to the offshore accounts. Hence, a domestic account is the best one to choose if it's available. However, for high-risk businesses, it gets impossible to acquire one. Even if you are able to get a domestic account, you won't get the benefits and the rates will be very high.

Applying & Getting Your Business Approved

Whether you're a new SEO or internet marketing company or an existing one, we'll accept your application and provide you with a merchant account. Even if you have been denied by other credit card processing companies, we'll accept you. The good thing is that we don't have any setup or application fees. We can approve your merchant account in just a while, and you will be able to start operating it in no time.

We are the leading merchant account providers and we make sure that whatever your business type is, we help you run it smoothly and successfully. We have years of experience in providing merchant accounts to high-risk businesses like yours.

Being a high-risk business doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the quality of your services. We don't want you to get stuck with a credit card processing company that charges high rates and still provides no benefits to you. We offer you a complete package with the best features that enable you to accept payments from all the major cards. So choose wisely and grow your online presence as an SEO service provider and an internet marketing company.

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