Best Merchant Account for Timeshare Related Business

Three high-risk businesses that will find it rather impossible to open a merchant account include timeshares, advertising, and resale. All these include clients who are not so easy to manage or do not repurchase the services due to which the businesses get labeled as high risk.

A timeshare company will be labeled as high risk due to the unavailability of the owner or one of the owners ghosting. The number of partners for one property might vary from small to large, which makes it even harder to organize the entire process. The more the owners, the more different the school of thought, so you never know when what one owner proposes is rejected by the other.

Advertising is not easy either as, depending on the quality of work your company provides or the type of relationship it has with its clients, there will be times when many come in for just one project or leave after several ones. Also, there is a high number of inflow and outflow every day, and the amount of these transactions varies drastically.

Resale is also unpredictable. You do not know what condition the product is in and whether the owner has given full consent or not. There is also more than one party involved in a resale transaction, which makes it harder to make a sale.

If you are looking to set up or have a business that already exists in one of these areas, then you must understand the risks associated with each one. Your company can witness a peak or downfall in any season of the year. It can also see difficulties in payment processing due to the high number of transactions of large amounts.

It is due to this reason that you require a merchant account that offers you great features and systems that work without any problems from day one. We are one of those companies that look forward to building relations with high-risk customers and providing them with incredible services which are ensured to attract more business.

Online Card Not Present MOTO merchants

With the world shifting to online transactions, there is no way you can survive if you do not offer these services to your clients. More and more people are looking to place orders or accomplish their tasks online rather than psychically visiting outlets to make the same transactions. Not only does it save time, but it also provides convenience and security.

Yes, we mentioned security; we assure you that your business transactions and customer data will be protected by us at all times and will not be shared with anyone else. Our process of online transactions happens via virtual terminals, which are very safe to use. We will set up payment gateways for your business, and you will be able to complete various online transactions quickly and easily.

To make things even more lucrative, we accept payment via different credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex. We also offer check drafting, ACH processing, and check processing so that you can offer multiple modes of payments to your clients who will love these features on your e-commerce website.

A great thing about our services is that we also offer Android and iPhone apps so that you can provide those to your customers as well, who will highly appreciate being able to make a useful transaction on the go.

Account denied or shut off by Other Credit Card Processors?

We will never say no to your company, even when others will. You will find that many banks and payment processing service providers will be reluctant to provide you with a merchant account as you are considered a high-risk client.

Furthermore, once you do manage to get an account opened for your business with one of these banks or services, you will never know when your business account will be terminated since these providers hold the right to do so without giving any justification. Hence, they can terminate your account when they feel there is too much risk involved in continuing with your account.

As a result, your business will suffer horribly, and the results can be devastating as you will start losing a good part of your business and will be termed as unreliable. We cannot let you undergo such problems, which is why we offer the perfect solution for your merchant account needs. You can be assured that your account will never be terminated and you will never be denied. In fact, to assure you that your business means a lot to us, we require zero application fees and setup fees.

New Businesses and Startup Companies with No History OK

Being a new business setup, you need to be ready to face a lot of rejection from various account providers. The reason for this is that you do not have a credit history from which your business can be evaluated and neither do you have any records of your profit or loss from which your company's future can be determined. No records or history means that you are a high-risk client and will be rejected by most service providers.

But we will not let that happen to you. You can avail the best services with us and will find our services to be of top quality which will never let you down. With the low risk vs. high-risk analysis, we will determine what extent of risk is involved in your business and through that, we will identify the rates offered to you. Your company's risk will determine the rate. You will find the steps of the application process to be quite simple, and the best part is that we have no rolling reserve requirements.

Domestic and offshore options

Whether your company is local or offshore, you can still avail the best of our services. The charges offered for domestic companies are lower than those offered to offshore companies as there are less risks involved in local ones. You will find our services to be up to par, even if you want to take them offshore.

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