Merchant Account for Tax Resolution Firms

So many people find themselves in debts because they haven't paid their taxes. This happens because they already have too many expenses to deal with. The majority of the people just can't manage their tax responsibilities because of underlying financial reasons. This is where the need for tax resolution companies arises. Such companies help deal with tax debts. They don't make the debt vanish, but they guide people on how to handle it. They show the way one is supposed to take to tackle IRS issues in a way that other finances aren't sidetracked either.

These tax resolution companies are on the rise these days. If you are thinking of starting such a company too, you should know that it is considered to be high risk. This is where it gets problematic. Tax resolution merchants are always in a knot trying to find a bank that is willing to offer a merchant account for supporting their business.

They are willing to take up any bank on their word as long as they are provided services. In their desperate situation, many agencies tend to take advantage of them by providing poor services at very high rates.

This is where we come into play. We provide merchant accounts to high-risk merchants with excellent services and at good rates. We are loyal and honest. Our company is one that you can rely on. We want to help you in your endeavor of helping people who find themselves in heavy debts because of the load of taxes. We provide you a portal between you and your clients.

Online Internet MOTO Merchants Card Not Present

Nowadays, almost every money deal or transfer is conducted online. This is why online merchant accounts are a necessity. Tax payment is done online and customers hardly ever pay money directly. Tax resolution services and credit repair services aid people in a big way. Having these services only a click away makes things even easier and simpler. Tax resolution companies offer counseling online to solve tax-related issues through their efficient services.

If your tax resolution company is based online, we offer high-end online merchant services to you. We help your company grow and expand. We aid you in making more profits.

Our company aids high-risk tax resolution merchants by providing them with accounts and services at affordable rates. We provide you with virtual terminals so that you can easily receive payments made by your customers via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Amex cards.

We provide services of check processing and check drafting too. The setup is easy and simple without any signatures required. Even when the card is not present, payments by your customers can be smoothly made and received.

Declined, Closed, Cancelled Shut off by credit card processors?

Are you a victim of rejection? Have you been repeatedly declined an account because you are a high-risk merchant? Have you been trapped in this vicious cycle? When this keeps happening repeatedly, it makes you both annoyed and worried.

There are many agencies out there that are waiting for a chance to take advantage of your vulnerable position. You have to be intelligent here and not fall into their traps. These agencies offer poor services at high rates and are fraudulent.

The good news is that we are here to help you. Our company is the ideal one for you to choose. We provide optimum services at reasonable rates so that you may be able to expand your business. We offer the best services along with recurring billing features. We also provide underwriting services from many banks, making sure you get the best.

Are you a startup?

If you are new in this field, we are here to guide you. Do not fall into the hands of those agencies that intend to harm you and bring you down. The sole aim of fraudulent agencies is to loot you. When a fraudulent company notices you lack experience, it jumps in immediately. If not that, then you get denied again and again by companies that aren't willing to take you up because of your high-risk status.

We are a company that aims to help you. We are willing to accept you and cover your risks for you. Our company supplies excellent services at good rates and at the same time guides you through turbulence. There are no setup fees, unlike other deceiving agencies where you spend huge amounts to secure an account but still end up getting nothing. The application process is both simple and smooth. You are set in no time. With our efficient services, you are secure and protected and your risks are all covered.

Our domestic and offshore services

We provide both domestic and offshore services. We understand your decision to have an offshore account, although there is no denying that domestic accounts are more protected and easier to manage with a wider range of features.

In some cases, the need for an offshore account is unavoidable. We are here to help regardless. We provide our best services to you. We even enable the recurring billing feature for you so that you can easily bill your clients.

Applying, Setup and Approval

We do our best for you no matter what type of a high-risk merchant you are. We know how important it is for the nation that people pay their taxes on time. We also care about your tax resolution company. We understand you want to aid people and, in turn, the government and we also understand that you need help in your endeavor.

That is why we want to help you. With us, you get a large pool of services. We are a friendly company that has set targets for the growth of your business. Our aim is to help you expand.

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