High Risk Merchant Credit Card Processing for Stores / Retail Businesses

At ProcessUSA, we can help your retail business accept credit card or debit card payments in a variety of ways.

Popular options for credit card processing in retail businesses include:

Stand Alone Credit Card Terminals

A stand alone credit card terminal is a piece of equipment that captures a customer's credit card information and sends it to the processing network. In addition to the credit card swiper that reads the information stored in the magnetic strip on the back of any credit or debit card, most terminals come with a key pad so that credit card information can be entered manually. This option is good for retail businesses that also conduct transactions over the phone or by mail.

Businesses can choose from a wide selection of new and refurbished terminals. Each of the most popular models differ in terms of service and functionality. To find out which terminal is best suited for the needs of your business, please contact us by phone (toll free) or click here.

Software-Based Credit Card Processing

With soft-based credit card processing, high risk merchants can process credit card transactions right from their personal computers. A good software processing package can help reduce fraud, can save valuable time and money, and offers several powerful features that stand alone terminals cannot provide, such as detailed transaction records and reports. It also has the added benefit of being easily upgradeable. Many of these packages can be used with an optional credit card swiper.

AuthorizeNet Virtual Terminal

The AuthorizeNet Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based interface that will enable your high risk business to authorize, process and manage credit card transactions from your web browser. The virtual terminal replaces stand alone terminals and credit card processing software. This is a good option for retail high risk businesses that sell online and need a internet high risk merchant account for real time, secure processing as well as retail high risk businesses that are required to manually enter credit card transactions for mail or phone order sales.

[also see our options for wireless credit card processing]

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