Credit Card Processor for Credit Repair Firm

Most merchant account providers regard the credit repair business as highly risky. If you want a merchant account for your credit repair business, you must look for a service provider that specializes in such accounts. If you are just starting a business or growing your existing one, you need a service provider who gives credit card processing facilities at affordable rates. There are a few service providers who provide a merchant account for high-risk businesses, especially credit repair.

Our aim is to be the best high-risk merchant account provider for the credit repair business. We can work with you to create a merchant account for your company so that your business doesn't collapse after a chargeback. If you want to keep your business running smoothly and successfully, you should consider us to get a merchant account.

Why is a credit repair business considered high risk?

Due to a high chargeback rate, a credit repair company is considered highly risky by merchant account providing companies. The high chargeback rate is because of the following reasons:

  1. Most customers of such a company are not in a sound financial position and, thus, are at a credit risk. Therefore, they are more likely to lead to a chargeback.

  2. There are some credit repair companies who have given a bad name to the industry.

  3. Some companies don't know how to avoid chargebacks because they are not experienced in the field and are not working with an experienced high-risk processor.

  4. Some customers expect too much from credit repair companies and when their expectations aren't met, they initiate chargebacks.

Denied by other merchant account providers?

Many credit repair companies settle for merchant account providers who offer expensive rates to get the service. Such companies often get reduced services, even after paying high amounts. This is because of the bad reputation of the credit repair industry. In most of the cases, credit card processors directly deny because of the high risk involved. Even if your application gets approved, you'll be paying lots of money and still not get the expected benefits. As a credit repair company, you may even have to pay high setup and application fees and not get the desired services. This trend can be very disappointing for credit repair businesses.

We have come up with a solution for your business because we provide specialized services so that you can enjoy the features of a merchant account at affordable rates. Even if you have a high-risk business, our merchant account services will allow you to accept payments from your customers across all major credit cards.

Domestic and offshore options

We work with efficient high-risk processors and gateway providers that also provide domestic and offshore options to credit repair companies. Having an offshore account might become necessary for your company because the credit repair industry is considered a high-risk one. While having a domestic account is a better option as it is available at a more affordable price and is more secure, in most of the cases, the merchant account providers don't provide domestic options to a high-risk business.

Online merchants

Credit repair companies need a virtual terminal to deal with their online customers. This virtual terminal will allow customers to send their payments online. These days, many people want to fix their credit and for this, they contact credit repair companies. These companies also provide online credit counseling to people.

If you're in the online credit repair business, you'll need a merchant account which can accept the payments made online. Whether you're a new corporation or expanding your current credit repair business, you'll need an online merchant account to provide online services to your clients.

Benefits of credit repair merchant account

As a merchant account provider, we’ll deliver all the services you need to run a successful credit repair business. Following are the benefits you’ll receive:

  • No setup fees.

  • No application fees and a quick application process.

  • A virtual terminal, MOTO transactions, and e-commerce.

  • Even if you are a bad credit merchant, you’ll be welcomed.

  • If you are new to the credit repair business, feel free to contact us.

  • Unique terminal ID and merchant ID.

  • You can accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex.

  • You can choose your gateway.

  • We offer round-the-clock customer service.

  • High-ticket, high-volume merchant accounts.

  • Recurring bill allowed.

  • Processing fees at an affordable rate.

  • Prevention of chargebacks/retrieval.

  • Credit repair counselling.

  • Secure technology, address verification, and card verification value.

  • In-house professional underwriting.

  • Compatibility with many processing gateways.

  • eChecking processing.

  • Same-day approvals.

Your credit repair business and its acceptance

No matter what type of credit repair business you own, we will provide a merchant account with all the benefits at a reasonable rate. If you are a startup or an existing company in the credit repair industry, you'll be approved by us for a merchant account. If you have been previously denied or refused by any merchant account provider, we are here to accept you. Even if you have high chargebacks, we will allow you to avail our credit card processing services.

Getting Your Account Approved

We are the leader in providing credit card processing services and can help you get a merchant account for your credit repair company. We have extensive experience and skills in approving merchant accounts for your business. We know that there are many merchant account options available in the market, but none have the ability to accept a merchant account for your high-risk business. Most of the merchant account providers will analyze the high risk vs. low risk and deny you because of the reputation of the industry. We have worked with many credit repair companies, and we have an idea of dealing with the needs of this industry. So worry not if you have a credit repair company; contact us because we specialize in providing a merchant account to such businesses.

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