Credit Card Processor for Smoke Shops & Glass Pipes

The credit card processing solution has been key to the success of countless small businesses out there. However, some businesses may be considered high risk and in this case, smoke shops and those that sell glass pipes are definitely on top of the list. If you own a smoke shop and indulge in selling things like hemp supplies, bongs, hookahs, rolling paper, and pipes, you will need a robust, consistent, and fool-proof credit card payment processing system. We have one of the best offers in town for all kinds of retail outlets. We also provide ecommerce payment solutions.

Your clients can be located in the United States or anywhere else in the world, so a credit card processing system and a proper payment gateway that ensures the security of transactions being charged are compulsory. In addition, this system should be capable of processing all kinds of credit cards without any trouble. This means the system must be in line with large banks as well.

Applying and Approval Process - Easy Setups

You need to have all these services, but the costs are also to be kept in mind. How can a transaction be profitable if you have to pay heavy charges on credit card processing systems? The credit card processing system should be capable of reducing per transaction costs to a minimum. Only this kind of solution will be feasible for your company in both the short and long term.

Moreover, the payment methods may differ from client to client. Some would like to pay online via the webpage to one of the telephone agents or maybe by post. It does not matter much if you are new in the smoke shop business or have been working for years.

The solutions that you choose to utilize need to be handled in a very careful manner since you will need synchronized reports equipped with sections that record your sales as well – and this is just what we are here to provide to you. You also need to escape fraud by any means. Furthermore, it is necessary for you to provide an exceptional customer service between all these worries since this will generate returning customers. You will also want state-of-the-art customer support services from the merchant account provider if the transaction goes south, especially while processing cannabis or hemp products.

In a nutshell, the backbone of a smoke shop or hemp supplies will be an effective credit card processing system that has the potential to transfer payments without any hindrances whatsoever – and this is what we are going to provide to you. The system that we have to offer has the ability to promptly accept major credit cards and process the payment from cannabis customers. You need to know that we, as your solution provider, have an exceptional track record and have just what it takes to deliver an exceptionally sound and smooth merchant account. All of these elements are extremely important when choosing an appropriate credit card processing company for your smoke shop and ecommerce website.

What to Review and Consider

Irrespective of whether you do business online or offline, you will need to consider the following points while looking for a merchant account for your e-cigarette store or vapor shop:

Payment Methods

The signature and cards are in your hand when transacting real-time sales, so that does not prove to be a problem. However, for online sales, Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO) needs to be executed, and you need to process transactions with a card not being present.

High Risk vs Low Risk

The rules and regulations for e-cigarette and vapor shops have been tightened day by day since in a versatile environment, these are always considered high-risk businesses. To get a merchant account, you need to provide additional supportive documents, but you will get an account at the end of the day.

Rates and Fees

You will have to bear the high rates and fees for being in a high-risk business, but you can always trade off your options and never compromise on your profits. Some of these charges are transaction-based as well, but make sure that these are not above your breakeven point.

Multiple Underwriting Banks

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have multiple underwriting banks for your merchant account. The e-cigarette and vapor shops are considered high-risk businesses and may face shifting bank policies. Always have a fallback option so that if one bank closes its doors for you, you should have another one to knock on.

Merchant Account for Online Tobacco Business

The e-cigarette and tobacco related sites are not supported by any of the available online payment systems. By getting a merchant account from us, you can build an online vapor shop easily. You might also be available to contract with online payment systems through a merchant account as it is more reliable and trustworthy.

Rates Vary by Startup vs Established History and Processing Volume

On an ending note, your financial stability, credit history and track records are always helpful for your business. These will help you secure a merchant account at friendly rates and fees. The fees for startups are generally higher as compared to stable businesses and being a high-risk business further increases that cost. In addition, large companies can easily obtain finances, but startups have to struggle to get to that status.

If you are planning to get started with an ecommerce e-cigarette shop or already have one in place, make sure that you get in touch with us right away so that we may help you with your payment gateway setup. We have experienced employees who have helped tobacco industry players in multiple options for online or offline payments. We will be happy to help you in terms of finding an immaculate merchant account for your company.

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