Merchant Account for Vitamins Supplements and Nutraceuticals

Are you looking for a merchant account for your newly established company? Do you wish to avoid paying setup and application fees? Our company offers both high and low-risk merchant accounts to a variety of businesses, both domestic and international. We provide you with the virtual terminal you require. Our company is known for conducting hundreds of debit card transactions daily. We have an extensive network of retailers and online nutraceuticals and herbal businesses.

Herbal and nutraceutical companies are aiding the mass population in living a healthy life. Our merchant account ensures that such enterprises conduct a profitable business while simultaneously providing a convenient mode of payment to customers.

If you are a startup company, it is integral for you to set up a merchant account. Why? This is because such a measure is bound to boost your sales. Accepting credit cards and, thereby, providing a secure mode of payment to your customers is known to increase customer satisfaction.

We are here to make sure you retain your customers. Set up a merchant account with our company without any application or setup fees. Avoid losing your money in rolling reserve requirement. Allow your customers to pay via Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, etc.

Online Shopping Cart Merchants

The world we live in is going through a digital revolution. It has become important for companies who wish to remain in operation in the long run to accept online payments. This act caters to a whole market segment of customers who prefer online shopping. If you are involved in e-commerce or have your store's website, we are here to provide you with a digital solution for accepting payments.

We provide you with a payment gateway setup which allows you to accept electronic checks and credit cards. Our payment processors include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc.

With our online merchant service, you can provide your customers with ample options for making a payment. Whether your clients are using credit cards or electronic checks or are situated in a country other than your mode of operation, our payment processing service allows them to avail your good or service.

Been Denied/Shutoff/Closed by Other Credit Card Processors

If you have a high risk attached to your business, there is a high probability that credit card processors like PayPal, Stripe, and First Data will deny you their services. From the point of view of a credit card processor, a high-risk business is one where the customer's credit card is not present at the time of the transaction and is, therefore, not swiped. In such a scenario, the chances of defaulting are high. A business allowing such transactions is dubbed to be risky.

If you are an herbal supplement or nutraceutical company indulged in such practices, you may have had trouble in getting a merchant account.

By having a merchant account with our company, you can avoid all these hassles. Furthermore, you will not be bounded by a reserve requirement. However, the fees for a merchant account will vary according to the risk involved. Factors including risk and history of your company play an integral part in establishing the rates charged for the merchant account. We have various merchant accounts available depending on your type of business.

Merchant Account for Startup and New Companies

As time goes by, more and more companies are entering the industry of herbal supplements and nutraceuticals. This is because there has been an increase in demand for healthier alternatives and lifestyle amongst customers. This has led to an increase in the number of startups in the industry.

If you are a newly established corporation, the first thing you should do is set up a merchant account. Most startups these days start their business on a digital platform. Online shopping websites and social media have made the internet a likely platform for startups to gain their footing in the market. If you have your own website or are planning on starting a business based on e-commerce, a merchant account is a must as it will help you make electronic transactions as smoothly as possible.

Furthermore, if you have a physical presence, allowing your customers to pay via credit cards will lead to high customer retention. Card transactions are convenient and are less of a hassle for both the customer and the company.

Our company provides both online merchant service where transactions can be completed via electronic checks and merchant accounts where credit card payments can be accepted.

Domestic & Offshore Options

If you are a domestic company, you will be offered lower rates and better security by our company. This is because domestic transactions consist of fewer technicalities and lower chances of fraud.

We also provide offshore merchants accounts to facilitate transactions for merchants who are denied services from other credit card processors. Such accounts deal with companies with a high-risk business, history of fraud, or bad credit. They allow merchants who do not qualify for services from local banks to avail said services from comparatively lax overseas standards. Our company charges a slightly higher rate for an offshore account due to the risk involved. However, such rates should not hinder you from choosing the offshore option if you are a high-risk company.

Applying Getting Setup and Approved

All in all, our company deals with a variety of retailers in the herbal and nutraceutical businesses. We do not require any application or setup fees. Without the clause for a rolling reserve requirement, our company provides an ideal terminal for the transaction between your company and your customers.

If you are planning to start a new business in the herbal or nutraceutical industry, you may consider setting up a merchant account with our company. We will make sure that the credit payment process runs as smoothly as possible. We will play our part in ensuring that you have satisfied customers. Let us deal with all of your transaction issues so that you can run a profitable business.

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