Credit Card Processor for Telemarketing Firm

If you own a telemarketing business, having a merchant account will make things easier for you as well as your customers. A merchant account is one that can receive credit card payments directly from the customers of any telemarketing business, inbound or outbound. This type of account automates the process of verifying and receiving the details of the credit card and transfers the amount to your account.

The inbound and outbound telemarketing companies face difficulty in getting a merchant account and even if they do find one, it is very expensive. We specialize in providing merchant accounts to all types of businesses. Having a merchant processor that knows your requirements and understands your business type is the main thing that any telemarketing company wants. We provide you with the merchant account services that you need to run your business successfully. Our payment processing infrastructure will make things easier for you at an affordable rate.

Online Card Not Present MOTO Merchants

Our top-notch services are perfect for online retailers because we also provide payment assistance and other support. Our credit card processing services are ideal for online retailers. We know that online merchants are always looked down upon and are considered as high-risk merchants. For online businesses, it gets more difficult to get a merchant account because of fraud and uncertainty in payments, but we make sure that you benefit from our services and efficiently process your credit card transactions. We also offer merchant cash advances, virtual terminals, and online gateway. The online gateway and virtual terminals enable you to accept different types of cards without any problem or risk. We allow you to process your credit card transactions without any difficulty, even if you have a high-risk status. Our service is available for all inbound and outbound telemarketers.

Denied, Closed, Shut Off or Refused by Credit Card Processors?

The high-risk status of a telemarketing company makes credit card processors deny the application of such enterprises. Most credit card processing companies analyze the risk situation of a telemarketer and then offer their services. They make their decision after doing a high-risk vs. low-risk analysis. If your status is considered high risk by a bank, you won't be able to avail the services of the credit card processing company. If you have been denied by any credit card processor because of your high-risk status, consider us and benefit from our specialized services of credit card processing. Our rates are very affordable, and our services are matchless. So worry not if you are refused by other credit card processors; we are here to provide you with a merchant account at reasonable rates.

Domestic and offshore options

It is always good to go with the domestic option because it's much more affordable and easier as compared to the offshore one. If you're being offered a domestic service for your merchant account, it's better, but if you're denied, you can consider the offshore option. An offshore account is more expensive than a domestic one, but if you have a high-risk status and have been rejected by other credit card processing companies, you should consider it. Offshore accounts are more readily available for high-risk telemarketing companies.

What to look for in a merchant account?

If you are looking to apply for a merchant account, you'll need to consider some factors and then analyze your requirements. A little effort and knowledge will help you find the service provider that best suits your needs. Here are the things to look for:

Payment processes

As a telemarketing business, your daily operations depend on how many sales you get on the phone. If you can accept payments from all major cards, your business can reach new heights in no time. So if you want to accept different credit card payments like Discover, Amex, Visa and MasterCard, consider a service provider that allows you to do so. With our services, you'll be able to accept all credit card payments via ACH processing or electronic checks.


Chargebacks frequently occur in a telemarketing business. It is important to look for a merchant account that can assist you in dealing with such chargebacks. Chargebacks occur because of the uncertain nature of telemarketing and thus, the credit card holder wants the business to make the loss for a disputed transaction.

Recurring billing

Recurring billing facility is another service to look for before getting a merchant account. If your business is selling a product or service to a customer on a frequent basis, then your merchant account should be able to set up recurring billing. The recurring billing feature of a merchant account makes it easier for a business owner to accept payments on a regular basis. Moreover, you won't need to remind your customers every now and then for billing.

Setup and application process

If you're a startup, paying high installation and application fees will be troublesome for you. Our services come with no setup and application fees for such telemarketing businesses. Some service providers charge a lot of setup and application fees. It is important to consider a service provider with minimum or no setup fees. Another thing to consider is the application process. Make sure that the application process is online so that it's easy to complete it.

Applying, Setup and Approval Process

We have excellent experience in providing merchant accounts to the inbound and outbound telemarketing businesses. Not only will we provide a merchant account, but we will also provide complete guidance to run it smoothly and effectively. If you're a startup business owner, our services will be perfect for you. Even if you have been in the telemarketing business for a long time and are looking for a new merchant account provider, our remarkable features will be very beneficial for you. Our highly specialized services along with the experience in handling high-risk merchant accounts are matchless. We understand your telemarketing business needs and help you run a merchant account for your daily operations.

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