Merchant Account for Smoke Shop Kratom Business

We offer credit card processing for kratom retailers that need the best merchant services at the lowest prices . Our smoke shop merchant account services for small business retailers and retail storefronts allows you to process credit cards like visa MasterCard Amex and discover through a credit card machine or a POS system that we can provide for you . We work with head shops and smoke shops that need low rate credit card processing and if you sell other products like glass pipes, smoking accessories we can offer you the best possible rates guaranteed ! We also offer month to month services for your credit card processing smoke shop services . Give us a call or apply online and we will get a rapid turnaround fast approval for your create them smoke shop CBD retail storefront .

Online Website Payment Processing
Processing payments online is the way of the future for Internet businesses accepting orders by mail, phone, fax, or the web. By setting up an online merchant account for selling kratom with ProcessUSA Payment Solutions, you will be able to utilize one of our many services with the ability to securely process Credit/Debit cards and checks online. Note: As of May 2024 ProcessUSA Currently has multiple Visa / Mastercard / Discover / Amex credit card processing options for Kratom companies! Please contact us for details.

Online Check Processing
Need the capability of accepting checks through a virtual terminal or directly through your website? Our online check processing programs will give you the capability to process transactions online through your website quickly and securely.

Website Processing for Kratom Company
If you are currently processing transactions through your website or are looking to setup a shopping cart, we can easily integrate our processing gateway to securely process transactions.

Virtual Terminal
Processing transactions securely through your PC has never been easier than with our virtual terminal. When signed up for our virtual terminal, we will set you up with your own user ID and password, which will enable you to login to our secure site and process transactions on any computer via the Internet.

Online Reporting
ProcessUSA Payment Solutions offers the most comprehensive online reporting tool in the industry. Whether looking for daily transactions, monthly activity reporting, online statements, chargebacks and retrievals, or statistical data, we have the right tools for you.

Online Ecommerce Website Payment Gateway Processing

Accepting credit cards through your kratom website for online purchases has never been more simple and secure. Our gateway solutions enable you to accept credit card and electronic check payments from your website. We offer flexible application programming interfaces (APIs) with no licensing or developing fees, and have numerous certified third-party options that offer quick and secure integration methods. ProcessUSA Solutions gives you more flexibility and options when it comes to e-commerce than any other provider.

How It Works
  1. Your customer selects herbal products, botanicals, and kratom products for purchase from your website, adds them to your shopping cart, and then goes to the checkout page.
  2. The customer enters all the requested payment information within the website and will then submit the transaction for payment. The cardholder information is then securely sent through our gateways to our banking end for processing.
  3. The transaction is then sent for an authorization and, if approved, you will receive the funds into your business bank account within 24-48 hours.
Merchant Account Benefits and Features
  • Fraud Protection - Our systems currently offer the highest in security, including address verification (AVS) and fraud verification (CVN), which are the industry standards in fraud protection. With the highest levels of encryption and security protocols available in the industry, you can be assured that your customers' data is secured.
  • Automatic Settlement - We will automatically set you up to have your daily transactions "auto settled" at the end of each day.
  • Flexibility - Choose from multiple shopping carts.
  • Savings - With the volume that ProcessUSA processes, we are able to provide our merchants with the industry's lowest e-commerce rates and fees.
  • Process a Variety of Payments - Our Kratom Processor gateways allow you to process all major credit and debit cards as well as checks all through your website.
  • Order Confirmations - We provide you an emailed receipt for each product purchased through your website.
  • Integration - We offer multiple integration methods, allowing us to easily integrate with your website and shopping cart applications.
Value Added Services
  • Automated Recurring Billing - With recurring billing integrated with your website, your customers can setup subscriptions or membership renewals for your organization automatically. Your customer's payments will be processed according to the billing interval and duration set.
  • Electronic Check Processing - Accept and process electronic check payments through your website. This allows your customers to enter their banking information at the time of checkout to electronically pay with check.
  • Fraud Detection Suite - Advanced fraud protection tools that offer more security when processing e-commerce transactions.
  • Customer Information Manager - Gives you the capability to store your customers' sensitive payment information on secure servers, simplifying payments for returning customers and recurring transactions. This feature also helps you comply with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.
  • Much More - Ask for details.

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